Woerden is the capital of the Green heart. The beating heart, where city and country meet. Where cows graze happily and cheeses are produced. A city where a unique and open landscape is combined with a contemporary and historic city centre.

Stroll through historic Woerden and learn about the Roman history that comes to life and visit the sixteenth century 'Stedehuys' that has the last surviving pillory against the wall. Wander over the ancient ramparts and descend down into the vaults of the castle. Enjoy the sights of the canals while sailing on a Roman ship. Taste the finest cheeses in the original cheese warehouses, climb the mill and Petrustoren for a special vista and then enjoy one of the many terraces. Experience Woerden!

Travel Trade Services

Woerden Marketing is happy to help travel agencies compile packages. The organisation has a complete overview of all the activities on offer in Woerden and does have the following information available.

  • Visual material en texts for brochures and websites.
  • Complete overview of restaurants with their facilities and capicity for groups.
  • Information about Stadshotel Woerden and het Wapen van Harmelen, severalcampings and a big number of bed & breakfasts.
  • Complete overview of convenient leisure suppliers for groups.


Phone: +31 (0)348-745492
E-mail: info@woerdenmarketing.info
Website: beleefwoerden.com


Woerden is bursting with events throughout the year!


Just 15 minutes from Utrecht.


Compose your own arrangement of several activities in Woerden.

See & Do

During all seasons there is something to do in Woerden.