Cultural Heritage

Many treasures are hidden in the Utrecht region, in castles and country estates. But also in military heritage, such as the Pyramid of Austerlitz and the Grebbeberg. All that within a 30-minute drive from Utrecht.

It is not hard to combine a number of heritage locations, and these have common themes in many cases. For instance, Huis Doorn is closely related to Amerongen Castle and likewise are the Museum Oud Amelisweerd and the Pyramid of Austerlitz. What are the stories behind it? Disclose the secrets in the extensive collections of the various heritage locations.

National Military Museum

Past, the prensent time and the future of the Dutch armed forces.

Huis Doorn

The former residence of the last Emperor of Germany Wilhelm II.

Soestdijk Palace

The former residence of Prince Bernhard and Princes Juilana.

Amerongen Castle

Medieval castle within an intimate scene.